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The heroes who particiate in clinical research studies are
everyday people who want to make the world a little better.

Who are the heroes that become involved in clinical research?

The heroes who participate in clinical research studies are everyday people who want to make the world a little better. A hero could be anyone you encounter throughout your day, like your letter carrier, the convenience store clerk, or your child’s kindergarten teacher. If you take medicine for your epilepsy or know someone who does, that medicine exists because someone else (a hero) participated in the research necessary to get that drug to the market.

Heroes can be people who have epilepsy, or they can be family members who may be healthy. They are people who have learned that clinical trials are the fastest way to connect new treatments with the patients who need them, and they know the unfortunate reality that clinical trials often fail for lack of enough volunteers. These heroes, in fact, are people just like you.

We are delighted to have investigators and clinicians reviewing the HERO website. All research studies that are available through the National Institutes of Health website are accessible through the HERO trial finder. We invite you to send potential participants to the HERO website to read FAQs and learn more about epilepsy research in general. We deeply appreciate your commitment to helping to work toward cures for the epilepsies.
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Clinical research studies are the safest way for volunteers to engage in cutting edge research.

Under federal law, every new therapy and device must go through carefully monitored studies in human volunteers before it can be marketed for regular use in patients. Often, millions of dollars have already been invested in development for a drug or a device and in preliminary testing before clinical trials are even allowed to begin. Development alone can take up to 10 or 15 years.

The sole purpose of the HERO website is to make it easier for people to find and enroll in clinical studies and advance epilepsy research. The epilepsy community desperately needs new therapies and approaches for patients with resistant or refractory seizures. We need to know more about the basic mechanisms and causes of epilepsy so that we can better match therapies to patients, and someday soon find targets for cures. But none of these giant steps forward will be possible without robust, careful research that safeguards the health of study participants while uncovering important new findings.

Take the steps to become involved in research.

Here on the HERO website, we provide a clear explanation of clinical research and answer many frequently asked questions. We invite you to take a look at our videos, where members of the epilepsy community –both patients and researchers- describe why clinical research is so essential. Most importantly, we hope you will utilize our Epilepsy Trial Finder. The initial search using the Trial Finder requires no personal information. You simply submit your age and location to find clinical studies in your area. If you find a clinical study that you are interested in and decide to send an email to find out more, your personal information is always protected and confidential. You will always have full control over your participation in any clinical research study.

So take a look around this website. And please think seriously about enrolling in a clinical study and making a huge contribution in the fight against epilepsy. We, the epilepsy community, salute you and all our heroes.

No amount of money or resources, however, can substitute for the importance of human volunteers in clinical trials. Human volunteers are the most critical component to the research process, the key element in paving the way for great scientific innovations to evolve into proven, effective therapies for patients with epilepsy.
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